Football Seating & Parking

All season football season ticket and parking applications must be submitted by the April 18 priority deadline.

Seating and Parking Improvement
  • Donors to the Virginia Athletics Foundation who have purchased VAF reserved football season parking are now able to view and select parking improvements in real time using an online Improvement and Selection Tool.
  • Details
    • If you choose not to participate and are satisfied with your current location, no action is necessary. You will be guaranteed your seats and/or parking location from the previous year provided you meet the minimum requirements for your area and have no outstanding VAF annual pledge balances. See the timeline for more details.
    • Both season ticket holders in the Priority areas in Scott Stadium and donors with reserved football season parking can use the Improvement and Selection Tool to view and select improvements online.
    • You will be assigned a single time—in priority order—to view both seating and parking options.
    • A valid email address is required to participate. If you are unavailable to view and select potential improvements, please contact the Virginia Athletics Foundation office (800.626.8723).
  • Dates to Remember
    *Subject to change
    • The process begins in May. Date to be announced.
    • March 30 - VAF First Quarter Priority Deadline
    • April 18 - Season Ticket and VAF Priority Ordering Deadline
2014 Football Seating Policies
  • The number of priority season tickets that can be purchased is determined by the donor's annual giving level.
  • Existing donors must maintain their previous year's giving level in order to retain the same location.
  • Reserved season tickets are available in the Priority area for donors at the Sabre Club ($100) and above. Priority Per Seat season tickets are available for a $50 per seat donation.
  • New season ticket assignments for donors who give below the Coaches Club will be allocated in the Priority Per Seat area at the time of order. Donors may request specific locations at the time of their order in the Per Seat area if available. Locations may also be improved after the April 18 priority ordering deadline using the Improvement and Selection Tool.
2014 Reserved Football Parking
  • Donors may only request one* parking space and must purchase 2014 football season tickets.
  • Existing donors must maintain their previous year's giving level in order to retain the same location.
  • Cavalier Club donors ($600-1,249) are eligible to apply for football reserved parking in select lots (to be determined).
  • All other reserved parking lots require a minimum gift at the Coaches Club level ($1,250- $2,499).
  • All new assignments and requests for changes are based on availability and selected in priority point order.
  • All donors with reserved parking are eligible to use an upgrade and relocation website tool.

*Donors at the Champions Club and above are eligible for two parking spaces.

Note: Spaces are reserved until 15 minutes after kickoff at which time parking attendants are relieved of their responsibilities and are no longer monitoring the lots.

2014 Parking
  • Proof of disability permit is required for all parking assignments
  • Spaces will be allocated in priority point order by VAF staff
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