Priority Points

Members of the VAF earn priority points that are used to determine their overall ranking among all members. VAF uses the member's points when assigning both ticket and parking locations. Priority points are recalculated each year and are activated when a current year pledge is made.

Priority Point Factors
Current Year Commitment

Annual campaign commitment x .08

Lifetime Gifts

Lifetime dollars contributed to VAF since 1971 x .02
Lifetime dollars include all paid gifts to the Virginia Athletics Foundation: annual, capital and endowment gifts.

Early Pay Points
  • 1st Quarter (Jan. 1-March 31*) — Amount paid x .05
  • 2nd Quarter (May 1-June 30) — Amount paid x .03
  • 3rd Quarter (July 1-Sept. 30) — Amount paid x .01

* With New University of Virginia cash management guidlines in place, the 1st quarter deadline has been moved to March 31.

Note: Payments must be received on or before the appropriate dates to qualify for bonus points.

Consecutive Giving Years

Number of consecutive years of giving x 10

'Hoos with Us

Members receive an additional 20 points for each new VAF member they recruit who joins VAF by making a gift of $100 or more. A new member is defined as anyone who did not make a gift in 2013.

Milestone Giving Reward
  • 15-Year Reward — Members who reach their 15th consecutive year of giving receive an additional 50 points.
  • 25-Year Reward — Members who reach their 25th consecutive year of giving receive an additional 100 points.
  • 40-Year Reward — Members who reach their 40th consecutive year of giving receive an additional 150 points.
I Give 110%

Members who increase their commitment by 10% over their 2013 gift receive bonus points (2014 pledge x .05)

Season Ticket Purchases

For football and basketball, members receive points for purchases dating back to 1993 and beginning in 2007 for all other sports that offer season tickets (these represent the number of years ticket data is available due to system upgrades and the way data has been stored). Members will receive 5 points per year per sport for consectutive years of purchase (not per ticket).

Bowl Ticket Points

The face value of bowl tickets purchased x .02 (beginning with the 2008 Gator Bowl).

Cavalier Legacy Reward

Members who make or have made a planned gift of $25,000 or more to benefit the athletics program (and have provided documentation that the Virginia Athletics Foundation is named as a revocable beneficiary) receive an additional 250 points.

Other Bonus Points

John Paul Jones Arena Gifts

  • Amount paid in 2004-05 x .02
  • Amount paid in 2006 x .01

Indoor Practice Facility Gifts

  • Amount paid by December 31, 2012 x .04
  • Amount paid by December 31, 2013 x .03